Kordon İstanbul


Cordon Istanbul architecture, a magnificent location and a perfect life with the colors you will add to your life, is a very special address for a unique investment as you will present to your loved ones the most beautiful beach on the most beautiful shores of the Sadabad valley at the meeting point of Kagithane and Masla in Istanbul's most precious center.



Cordon Istanbul  with an architecture that adapts to the nature of the region is full of beauty that connects green and blue to the four corners of Istanbul. The Sadabad valley, which stretches right in front of the project, offers colorful landscapes, ponds, hiking and cycling routes to residents of Istanbul, offering a unique relaxation and enjoyment in the city.



72% of all stages of  Cordon Istanbul have been divided into landscapes and recreation areas, while the shocking effects of water and nature make you smile every night.

In addition to walking and outdoor sports, you will enjoy a new start to a healthy life in the sauna, steam room, hammam, fitness, pilates area, studio and indoor swimming pool.


Every detail will be waiting for you at Cordon Life Club, where you will spend more time with your friends and loved ones when it comes to a new enthusiasm that will come to your mind well-thought-out social spaces.


A spectacular gig to give you a direct movie with loved ones on the giant screen in your private cinema hall or give it to your connected studio ...

At Cordon Life Club, you will realize your hobbies, and you will feel like you have come to life again by experiencing special occasions.

Children will be very lucky in Cordon Istanbul too. In the children's playroom, they will take their first steps towards becoming the artist of the future.

Open-off playgrounds are hobby rooms with lots of colorful and enjoyable activities for kids  at Cordon Istanbul Children's Workshop ...


From the drugstore to the barber shop you will find all the comforts of your life with Trade Street, which will allow you to easily reach everything you need, including rich boutiques.



Live the way you whant...



Aesthetics have an unlimited freedom of living space ...



Cordon Presenting a boutique lifestyle, modern architecture in Istanbul, perfectly designed apartments, have been designed with a unique taste for the happiness you and your loved ones enjoy. Cordon Istanbul broadband systems provide rich living space options ranging from 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.5, and 5-room apartments to gardens and terraced environments.