Historic premium buildings on the historical                                   peninsula of Istanbul

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Hundreds of years of history, a history of civilization has been renewed as a unique heritage for the future to be transferred to a very special life and every detail as a work of art prepared by the world,  proud to dedicate to future generations ...



Cer Istanbul, one of the world's finest examples of restoration, the introduction of new buildings into the city with modern architectural approach and interpretation of sustainable design; historic silhouette, respect for old artifacts, and the spirit of the space, with great sensitivity.



Historic Peninsula's view of the building of a modern and lesser-storey architecture of Cer Istanbul, with a glass-fenced new buildings, which will not disrupt the structure of the building, while historical buildings are completely restored and converted into modern living spaces.



With a total area of ​​40 000 m², Cer Istanbul has a large part of the 31,000 m² of the project, split into breathtaking scenery and all the beauty of history, and is specially designed for landscapes.









Historical Yedikule Cer Workshops include an outdoor exhibition of 2 nostalgic locomotives, 1450-meter-long cranes and various equipment.


Cer Ateliers, once built for maintenance and repair of trains, now lives in a new life project, Cer Istanbul, and becomes a center of culture for centuries to be inspired by inspiration from history.


Presenting a limited number of optional life alternatives ranging from 2 to 7 rooms in the top floor plus three-story blocks, Cer Istanbul offers a luxurious life, a priceless future that you can enjoy every moment.

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A gym equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and studio classes with the most popular sports trends will enable you to start the day with a new energy.



Reception / Consulting service

7/24 Senior Security Service

Technical servise

VIP transfer

Marmaray transfer

Car rental / VIP car service

Valet service

Home cleaning service


In-Site and Shared Camera System

Smart building infrastructure

Social Facilities, SPA, Pool Management


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World Cultural Heritage and History Golden Gate (Altın Kapı), one of the symbols of the peninsula, offers a very special life and valuable investment opportunity, with its 558-meter closed position and immediate access to the yacht club in the seafront on Kennedy Avenue.

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Centrally positioned to reach every point in Istanbul, Cer Istanbul has a rich transportation network with both sea, road and public transport alternatives; educational institutions in the vicinity; hospitals, shopping centers at the very center of life.


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In this exclusive residential complex, you can have a home on the project you want. Apartments from 2 to 7 rooms are already waiting for their owners.

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