Deluxe residential complex in Baku

In Baku, the capital city of Baku, one of the largest shopping centers in the world, is one of the world 's most luxurious business complexes, with offices in the Deluxe Palace.

Deluxe Palace has developed a large group of architects and designers and represents the newest standard of the modern style.

Deluxe Palace includes self contained spaces and business centers. The complex consists of 4 spacious, 210 luxurious apartments with an excellent view of the Caspian Sea. Each floor is divided into 4 apartments with twin, twin, four and five rooms.

Scorching time is the time when the interior is repaired. The Deluxe Palace complex includes a boutique brand, supermarket, entertainment center, restaurant, cinema, fitness center and spa.

The entire complex is equipped with central heating and cooling system. The semi-detached villa is perfectly decorated, including a two-storeyed park. Additionally, there is a system security and video observation.

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