Luxurious apartments in Çamlıyaka

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Hosted by the most colorful venues of geographies, the Çamlıkaya houses in Cekmekoy, now booming iconic happiness. Cekmekoy is a fast and well-planned city, with a wide range of green areas and four seasons of nature, with a sense of imagination that comes true with the fairy tales of ÇamlıYaka.


ÇamlıYaka project offers you exclusive homes with a 4.5-bedroom and 6-bedroom terraced house on the 19,000 sq. M plot of land.


There are 17 different types of plants in Çekmeköy which are attracted by the unique nature of nature. In this project related to the green field, in the endemic life, ÇamlıYaka houses the codes of green dreams, puts a new name on the tranquility.

















One hectare of pine forests absorbs 30-40 tons of dust per year. Cakmakoy surrounded by pine forests offers you a very clean air compared to a woodless complex. In the nature of an adult pine tree that oxygen produces enough for a person, you can easily breathe in this tale of dozens of pine trees.

This project differs from others with playgrounds, outdoor sports fields, bicycle trails and outdoor pools. In the project's own social avenue, you can find cafes and shopping centers where you can find the desired brands.


With North Marmaray, you can access these areas:



Bridge of Martyrs on July 15

Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge

Fateh Sultan Mehmet Bridge



3rd airport






North Marmara Trail - 3.2 km

Sile Trail-2km

M8 Bostanci - Dudullu subway - 4.4 km

Sultanbeyi subway - 4.9 km

Ataşehir Finance center - 9.5 km

Sabiha Gökçen Airport-27 km

Buyaka shopping center - 7.8 km





These decorated floors are decorated with sunny terraced houses with gardens of 260 sq / m each with 10 blocks of 4-6 houses each.

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