AA Legal Estate

International Real Estate and Law Company

Buying and selling real estate in

Germany, France (Cannes), Italy, UAE,
Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia,
 Ukraine, Czech Republic, Montenegro and Azerbaijan

Real estate buying-selling and rent process


Ability to choose from anywhere in Azerbaijan and around the world

Every day with our renewed labor and customer base, you can quickly and easily buy or sell your home or office for your budget.

Contract Paper Signing

Contracts and legal support

Unlike other real estate companies in the market, AA Legal estate officially contracts all transactions and the consent of the parties is added in the form of items. Also note that AA Legal will also provide legal support for you in this or that issue.

Showing an Apartment

Looking property

Our professional real estate agents will take a look at your property or property you are looking for and give you all the information about the property.

Buying a House

Contact with us!

We are always ready to answer your questions

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